Product List

  • 100mm Crusher Run
  • 100mm / 40mm Scalpings  
  • Type 1 Sub-Base
  • 6mm 10mm 14mm 20mm 40mm 100mm Clean
  • 0/4mm Dust
  • 6mm 10mm 14mm 20mm Down to Dust
  • Ground Lime Stone
  • Magnesium Lime
  • Slag

JJ Aggregates


  • 32/20mm Base Tar
  • 14mm Tar
  • 6/10mm Top Tar
  • Hot Rolled Asphalt 10mm
  • SMA Tar 6mm/10mm

All Tar Products are available in Limestone or Hard stone and all are available in different strengths to suit all your needs. If you do not see the tar you require on the list please do not hesitate to call as the list of available Tar is vast and I’m sure we can supply the product you require.

Pea Gravel

  • 6mm Pebbles

Decorative Gravel

  • 10/14/20mm Cardigan Pebbles
  • Marchwood 20mm Golden


  • Building Sand - Cardigan, Swansea, and Llanelli depending on your choice.
  • Cattle Bedding Sand
  • Ménage Sand
  • Concrete Sand

Fodder Beet

Every Winter we offer fodder beet which is washed to high a standard to minimise the amount of dirt in a load and cuts the chances of stones so keeps your feeder / Melcher buckets cleaner to keep your animals happier. Please contact us for estimate delivered to you.

General Tipper Haulage Also Available     


  • Lorry on hire
  • Transportation of products such as woodchip & apples etc.